Twins, people. Twins.

I’ve been a little quiet lately. Here’s why, enjoy.

Last Thursday my fiance and I decided to drive to an abortion clinic after a whole lot of puke and 2 positive pregnancy tests. Yes, I found out that I was pregnant with twins as I was scheduling my surgery. No, I’m not having the abortion after all. Before you start judging me understand that I’m thirty, not living in the best financial state, with two girls to care for, zero patience, no desire whatsoever to party, and an unsupportive family. Just 2 weeks ago my father called to accuse me of running a drug den and predicted that in 2 years I’d be living under a bridge with nothing but a grocery cart full of plastic bags, if I was lucky.

I guess you can say they won’t be thrilled to find out about my pregnancy which is exactly why I’m not telling them. In fact all they’ve told me since having my youngest is don’t have another child, don’t have another child, you can’t have another child, forget about us if you have another child. You can’t even handle or provide for the ones you have, DON’T HAVE ANOTHER CHILD.

With all due respect ‘rents, fuck you. And if you don’t want to be a part of their lives that’s fine with me. I’m tired of being treated like a 15 year old. I’m fucking fed up with people telling me what’s right for me or what I can or can’t handle. That’s why I’m not telling anyone. I plan on announcing our little blessings the day I give birth. I figure it won’t be too hard since all my acquaintances live in CA and no one I know has any idea of this blog.

So there. That’s my story. Please don’t tell me what a fucking cunt I was for considering abortion or how selfish or negligent or less of a human I am. I also don’t want to hear how these kids are a blessing because right now I have two running around, screaming, and driving me fucking crazy. I don’t want to hear how God has a plan or doesn’t give anyone more than they can handle type of religious bullshit. I don’t want anyone’s opinion. All I want is some fucking respect and a box full of donuts.

The end.


3 thoughts on “Twins, people. Twins.

  1. Well, the whole point of abortion in the first place is that it’s supposed to give a woman the right to choose what happens to her own body – including the choice to go through with a pregnancy through thick or thin.

    Congrats on the twins. I have had a few twins in my life and their parents have assured me that having twins is easier than having singletons, because from the time they’re babies onwards they play with each other and so don’t demand attention all the time

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