Hey mama.

Hey mama,

Your kids are screaming and it’s all good. Mine are quiet right now but that doesn’t mean they weren’t turning my hair gray earlier. Never mind the stares, I get it.

Hey mama,

You’re out in pajamas on a Friday evening? I feel you, it’s my favorite look.

Hey mama,

You look amazing. I can’t believe you’ve ever given birth, I’m kinda jealous. Tell me your beauty and workout routines, I’m listening.

Hey mama,

Don’t keep tugging your shirt down every 2 seconds, I have stretch marks too. Battle scars don’t offend me.

Hey mama,

You’re beautiful and a hot mess. You’re imperfect, you make mistakes, but your love and irreplaceable patience are the building blocks of our future. You are amazing, no matter your size, shape, or quantity of hair on your head. You deserve to be loved and to love yourself.

Thank you, mama. You really are the universe.


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