The FWISD sucks.

The Fort Worth Independent School District is a joke. More specifically, Lowery Road Elementary, is full of incompetent, bitter, ghetto individuals who don’t give a shit about your kids. My daughter is in first grade and has already been stabbed with a pencil, verbally and physically assaulted, and more recently has been yelled and kicked out of a play center for giggling.

My child may be a wild, untamed beast at home but at school all her teachers so far have always told me she’s the quietest, most respectful kid they’ve ever had. BUT SHE GOT REPRIMANDED FOR GIGGLING. Yes, the sheer stupidity of this is enough to produce a Kanye West all caps lock kind of rant, but I’ll contain myself.

Suck it, FWISD.

I feel sorry for any child with potential who’s stuck at that school. For us, for now… Unschooling it is.


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