School’s out

We started unschooling today. While I’ll admit that the 1-2 hours I sometimes get to myself will be missed, I feel like I’ve made the best choice for myself and my daughter. Going to school was a train wreck full of stress, tummy aches, and frustration even though she was a straight A and gifted student.

Spending the day at her old school yesterday made me realize how horrible the FWISD really is. The teachers sit there barking out orders while the kids sit there like little robots inside a jail cell. They are not allowed to talk, have fun, ask questions, everything that isn’t silence is punished.

Now, I’ve made it clear to her that my only rule is that she have fun while learning. We no longer have to wake up at 7 to get ready to drive her off to a place where she’ll only be allowed to eat once a day (if she’s lucky and the lunchroom attendants don’t decided to take it away, for talking), recess is never guaranteed, and any sort of emotion is shunned.

Maybe part of me still wants to shelter her, especially after the bus incident. Maybe some people will call me crazy for voluntarily giving up some much needed me time but honestly, if that means shaping a decent-kind-confidant individual, then guess what?

You’re welcome.


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