Dear Lola

Dear Lola,

You’re almost 7 years old and you still let me pick out your clothes. Hopefully, this will continue until you’re 35. Please stop growing up so fast. Just yesterday we were making sock puppets at the DMA and going around from cupcake shop to cupcake shop trying to find the world’s tastiest cupped cake. I remember the way your eyes used to light up every time I’d come home and the sound of the pitter patter of your little feet racing across the hallway to jump into bed with me.

Things have been harder lately and I’m so sorry that all these stupid circumstances have taken a toll on our relationship. I promise I’ll make up all the time lost, all the memories that never were, all the laughs that could’ve been.

I love you so much sweet girl.   


2 thoughts on “Dear Lola

  1. I love this story and promise. We piled into the car today and went to the art store. I held my wife’s hand as we watched our daughter run ahead. My wife asked what’s wrong I said nothings wrong I just wanted to hold your hand. Maybe I need to do this a little more. 🙂

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