My daughter kind of sucks at socializing.

No one can blame this on homeschool. She’s about to be 7 and we’ve only been on this homeschooling bandwagon for 4 days. She’s just always been annoyingly shy. I love her to death but I physically have to push her towards being friendly. It drives me nuts.

I guess she’s really bad at rejection and maybe that limits her desire in making new friends. Most of the time when we go out to the park or mall and she asks random girl if she can play with her, random girl ends up being a bitchface and saying no. My daughter’s head sinks down and arms crossed she shuffles towards me and grumbles that bitchface, was mean. I usually reply, well honey, deal with it. That’s life, not everyone is going to want to play with you.

-But mama… I always say yes. 

-Wonderful. I’m proud of you.




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