The babysitting box.

Dear parents who let their kids watch tv,

How dare you? I mean, what kind of people are you? Don’t you know that there’s all kinds of scientific and godly data showing that kids that watch tv turn into murdering assholes who can’t sit still? The fuck is wrong with you?

Oh shut it already.

I, like many other moms and dads, run around like crazy 24/7 after my children. I’m not complaining. I know what I got myself into but parenting is a job like any other, and in any other job, you get breaks. By law, you get your well deserved breaks. Now correct me if I’m wrong but I can’t think of many other jobs that are equally as exhausting and mentally draining as parenthood.

In what other blue collar job or fancy career are you forced to be the head of every single department and be solely responsible for executing everything from cooking, cleaning, planning, finance, and all and everything in between?

My toddler, still, does not sleep through the night. She’s 21 months. I’ve tried all of the suggestions in the world. I’m running on fumes here and still expected to do everything else. I do, half-assed most of the time but it gets done. The one thing I have in my favor is my fiance. He helps, he’s pretty spectacular.

Sometimes, I want to have coffee and update my blog. Sometimes, I turn on the tv so I can have 5-10 minutes to make my coffee and toast in peace. Most of the time neither of them will sit through more than one show, instead they’ll run around , playing and driving me nuts.

You do what you gotta do. If turning on the tv means you get some much needed moments of silence, peace, shower time (while making sure your child is safe, duh), then by all means, use the box. It was invented for a reason.


1 thought on “The babysitting box.

  1. When Syd was little we purchased cooking shows on DVD and gave her bowls, spoons and dried beans. You get the idea. Cartoons were replaced with cooking shows, nutrition shows even woodworking. She now loves to prepare meals and juices like a champ. Yes, we need breaks and the idiot box can be made to be quite smart if rubbed in the right direction. Great post! We cut the cable 9 years ago.

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