Winter blues in Fall.

It’s cold, windy, dark… Somewhere in CA someone is still enjoying the sun. 

I’ve given the sun a bad rep. I’ve said I hated the sun, complained about it, shielded myself from it’s rays. You really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. And yesterday, we said goodbye to sunshine and warm weather. 

I still complained while sweating, wore a hat and sunglasses, but today, I’m so thankful I chose to spend even a little bit of time outdoors, in the sun.

Usually, I’m a sucker for this type of weather. In the past I’ve loved to wrap myself up in a cozy sweater and walk outside without having to cover myself in layer after layer of 100 SPF sunblock. What is wrong with me? I’ve even had serious thoughts of going through light therapy this winter. 

I hope it’s just a temporary feeling like that one time I thought I would give up coffee for green tea. I love November, I do. I do.

Say it with me… No shave November, the best time of year.


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