Youth, a tiny poem.

I reminisce about my youth quite often and haven’t shared much of my passion for writing poetry here, yet. I’m really shy and have never really liked sharing my poems. Maybe this will be the start of something new. I wrote this after noticing how much my hair was falling out, so much that there are spots were only a few strands are holding on to dear life. Appreciate what you have, it may not be much but it’s worth taking an extra second to be thankful.

The days of my youth

When my hair was still thick

Curl upon curl stacked so high

Even clips wouldn’t stay clipped

Back in the days

When no wrinkles graced my face

When my body was an unexplored map

And the smile upon my face

Was life itself

No insecurities and always free

A soul worth a standing ovation

Oh, how I long to be sixteen

by Jessica Beltran-Perez



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