And it was all yellow.

It’s not winter, yet. But it’s dark, and it’s cold, and outside everything is covered in piles of yellow.

There’s been rain, hail, promises of sleet and snow. The girls and I have been hermits for the past 2 weeks and it’s getting a little stir crazy up in this mother. Em has been insanely sick and I blame that on writing my Nothing post. Right after I hit publish she started coughing.

The coughing led to snot which led to mild fevers. The mild fevers turned into discomfort and major congestion. All the congestion led to horrible coughing attacks that ended up in my poor child red faced and choking. It was scary. I thought she had bronchitis or pneumonia or whooping cough – I was freakin’ out. 

We ended up going to to ER (I am so thankful for Cooks and all the wonderful staff they have) and Em was diagnosed with an ear infection, upper respiratory infection, and pharyngitis. She’s on antibiotics for 10 days. My house is a disaster. My fiance and I are walking around in a zombie like state. Lo is tired and wants to go outside. It’s been tough.

My view from all windows is yellow. Beautiful, sorrowful yellow leaves hanging on to dear life or in piles on the floor. It’s days like this when I miss my days in CA. I miss going out in winter and being ok with a jacket and beanie. I miss not being trapped indoors. I miss random socializing with acquaintances and my fiance’s friends.

I miss having a life. It’s hard being out here without any kind of support. We really are all alone. 

But what the hell? We have a house, a barely working car – but it works, clothes, and an improving financial state.

I am thankful for today. 



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