A birthday and the Icepocolypse.

My daughter turned seven the very same day a major cold front hit DFW. 

People were driving around in chaos, emptying out bread shelves and buying all of the bananas. There was an expected .25 inches of ice coming, survival seemed bleak. Everyone was preparing for massive power outages and freezing temperatures. All I wanted was my baby to get a cake.

Baby got a cake.

And right after she blew out her candles the rain started pouring. Work, schools, and government buildings closed their doors and said uh-uh girlfriend, stay in bed everyone – ain’t no thang. 

Cleon was here. He has a really funny twitter, too. 

So here I am. Stuck indoors since Thursday with a moody fiance and sick kids after the hardest week of my life that hopefully I’ll survive to write about.

Here’s to survivng storm Cleo and the DFW7s, Icepocolypse 2013. 


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