A new beginning.

Tired mom.

That’s been my go to excuse. Not really an excuse either because I really am an exhausted mother. 

But there has to be more. Being a stay-at-home-mom can’t be all sacrifice and neglect. I do a lot of both. It’s time to stop. Tomorrow will be a new beginning in many ways. I will eat healthier, I will decrease my carbon footprint, I will love myself more, I will be a better person and in return, hopefully, a happier mom.

I’ve opted to take baby steps because drastic changes kind of freak me out and taking on additional stress just defeats the purpose. Here’s my list for the next week.

1. Drink hot water with lemon when waking up.

2. Limit coffee to one cup a day. (ok, ok maybe one BIG cup)

3. Stretch and take deep breaths for 5-15 min a day. 

4. Throw away all products that contain dangerous chemicals or fragrances, even if they’re organic.


6. Run.

Not anything crazy or major but here’s to hoping that they make a crazy and/or major difference in MY life.

Live, love, laugh.


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