Running like a mother…

Just finished running my first 5k in a very, very long time.

Setting: Hundreds of mamas running with their kids, significant others, and waiting for the porta potty. Moms have small bladders. Long story short – I had a blast. I’m insanely out of shape but I didn’t place last in my age group. Granted, women twice my age, women with strollers, and sweet little elementary girls all passed me by but I loved it.

I felt like dying during my last lap but I made it. I’m here, not dead, to share this awesome experience. 

Not only did I see a wonderful display of motherhood and family but I learned it’s never too late discover or start doing something new that you might end up falling in love with. Running never appealed to me but look at me now… Writing about the Running Like A Mother 5K and glowing or maybe that’s just sweat but still.

P.S. You know that hippie trip I’m on? I SMELL. Coconut oil and hippie oils/deodorant rocks do not cut it when you run that much!



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