What’s wrong with liking pink?

Lately, I’ve had plenty of moms go on about how their incubating daughters will not grow up to like pink or princesses. They rant on about how instead their girls will play with legos and not be doormats for men. They will raise strong and independent women. 

Get the fuck outta here.

Here’s why I’m proud that my girls like pink and run around in tutus pretending to be princesses:

1. They like it.

End of list.

Liking pink and or princesses is not a defining factor for whether a young girl grows up to be a doctor or a stripper. Pink is a color for crying out loud. It’s adorable, fabulous, fierce, strong, it’s anything you make it to be.

Princesses are not all whiny spoiled babies. They’re polite, kind, generous, host kick ass tea parties, can shoot arrows, refuse to get married, they can be everything and anything they want.

You know what’s going to be the most important factor in your daughters upbringing? YOU.  

You and you alone have the power and responsibility to encourage and raise your daughters to be strong, kind, happy, empathetic human beings who will do the right thing – Always. Whether they’re wearing pink or blue, playing with legos or barbies, whatever floats their boat just make sure they grow up loved and happy… and the rest? Let them paint their world in whatever color they choose.

Live, love, laugh and play princess with your kid.


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