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It’s coming.


It’s already here.

The despair, the feeling that you’re thisclose to drowning. Running out of breath, running towards an exit, wishing you were anywhere but where you are.

But you’re there.

Sitting next to the person that’s supposed to be your light. But instead, sitting next to them is like being underneath a huge, ominous storm cloud.

It’s sucks and I’m sure there’s a more poetic way to say it but why waste your breath?

Relationships. The shitty ones will suck the life right out of you.

The end.


I’ll find you.

I'll find you.

Remember that part in Wedding Crashers where Gloria tells Jeremy don’t ever leave me cause I’d fiiiind you?

That’s how I feel about my fiance.

Just a couple of nights ago he mentioned some ring girl from the UFC/MMA deal.

Me: What’s her name????

Fiance: I don’t know… Celeste something??

Punch. To. The. Face.

Which led to some sweet sexy times but that’s another story. The following morning I googled MMA ring girls Celeste and looked through her pictures. Ugh. Oh my God, whatta hooker I thought to my self. UGH.

Ring ring.

Fiance: Hi honey good morning!

Me: So what you’re trying to tell me is that you want me to have big boobs??

Fiance: Huh?

Me: Last night, duh! You told me you liked that ring girl!!! SHE LOOKS LIKE A WHORE! (She’s probably a really classy, sweet girl but there’s no use in trying to reason with me.)

Fiance: Huh? Sigh. You know I love you.

Me: Yeah. Love you too. But don’t ever leave me.

I’ll fiiiind you.

P.S. I am not a psycho. Not all of the time.